JawBones - A New Construction Toy
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"For children who love building and are always looking for new materials and challenges, this set provides a platform for freethinkers to create ships, vehicles, characters, and many other imaginative possibilities. A variety of shapes including jaws, ratchets, swivels, connectors, axles, wheels, a rotor and a ball fit together in many different ways to replicate the twelve models shown on the box or design and build a creation of their own. The sturdy plastic container package makes this a fun choice to stick in backpacks for travel or weekend outings."

—Darlene Howland, Early Childhood Program Director, Parents Choice Awards

"Our 2008 Creative Child Awards panel of over 50 moms and educators held at the Henderson Convention Center has awarded [Jawbones] the following award:

(Builder Construction Toys category)"

—Creative Child Representative


"Congratulations! The children of the Canadian Toy Testing Council (CTTC) have given your toy a CTTC three star "***" rating – the highest level. This demonstrates excellence in all areas of function, design, durability, battery consumption, and most importantly, play value."

—Tasha Poirier, Editor, Toy Report

Get ready to build! This new building idea has hit a home run with both girl and boy builders alike. Jawbones comes with 100 pieces stored nicely in a clear storage container, which is very convenient for easy tidy up. With many different ideas in the instruction booklet and on the packaging, there are endless possibilities for children to create structure after structure. The different pieces swivel, ratchet, snap together in countless configurations, and stay together with ease. Children play with this building set alone or, because of the many pieces, with a friend, while they both create their own masterpieces at the same time.

—Canadian Toy Report